Episode Three of Tony Katz Tonight…Better Than Starwars, and with Nick Searcy!

At long last, and after an arm operation and a rough recovery, the next episode of Tony Katz Tonight is here!

On this episode, Tony talks with actor Nick Searcy (from TV’s “Justified”) about the affects of the government shutdown on Hollywood, and shouldn’t entertainers just shut up and sing?

Then, activist/comedian Stephen Kruiser talks about the media frenzy on the latest deal on Washington DC. There is also an insinuation made about Sen. Ted Cruz you’ll just love.

The panel joins in, featuring columnist Kurt Schlichter and actor/entrepreneur Joseph C. Phillips, as well as our own Miki Yamashita, to talk about warning employees about Obamacare, sedition and Serbians looking for love.

Enjoy and share!

The Next Show

Well, there we were. Everything was getting ready for the next episode of Tony Katz Tonight. Then, Tony decides that it would be a good time to injure his arm to the point of needing surgery.

Have no fear, Tony will be fine (so his doctors tell him) and the show will go on.

Setbacks always stink. But it’s just temporary. Our next episode will be broadcast as part of a new online distribution deal we put together. We’ll have great guests, the finest cigars and some new locations.

Keep up with the latest by following us on Twitter. As always, thanks for all the support, and be on the look out for the new episodes…..coming not soon enough!

Tony Katz Talks Culture

Tony Katz, host of Tony Katz Tonight, wrote a compelling article about culture for TownHall.com. From the article:

A “culture war” victory would not solidify ideology, it would reinforce truth; Capitalism works. Socialism doesn’t. Sometimes, there is a clear right answer and a clear wrong answer. Corporations feed families. Cronyism is wrong regardless of who’s in power. A strong America is better for the world than a weak America. Oh, and America doesn’t suck.

You can read the rest of the article here. For more on Tony Katz Tonight, and ways to contribute, just scroll down.

The Next Steps

With our crowdfunding campaign now complete, the work of scheduling new episodes of Tony Katz Tonight begins!

Our results from IndieGogo are mixed. No, we didn’t raise all the money we would have liked. However, the response we received off line has been amazing. Offers of production assistance and equipment. Discussions of online distribution. It’s been incredibly uplifting and proves us right – there is a need for another voice in late night. A voice that is not PC. A show that is funny and entertaining.

We are it. And we have the scotch to prove it!

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Response To Tony Katz Tonight Creates Crowdfunding Opportunity

We have been thrilled with the reaction we have gotten to Tony Katz Tonight. People are excited about a show that challenges the old guard in late night. Lots of people contacted us with ideas and thoughts about our first episodes. However, the question we got most often was, “How Can We Help?”

And that’s the answer! We need your help!!!!!

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Tony Katz Tonight – Benghazi And Bieber With Andrew Malcolm, John Phillips And Miki Yamashita

The first taping of Tony Katz Tonight was a huge success, and new episodes are already being planned. Enjoy Episode #1. If you would like to help us with future episodes, you can donate below.

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